Thursday, 31st May 2018

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LPG and Natural Gas in a Fast-Moving European Energy Landscape

The mounting impact of energy efficiency, and the political will to move fast towards renewables are evident in Europe. Nevertheless, analysts also agree that cleaner fossil fuels such as gas and LPG will maintain a critical role in Europe even by the 2050 horizon. While coal and oil are poised to decline, gas emerges as the obvious transition fuel, allowing to immediately curb CO2 emissions and address the air quality concerns raised globally by the dieselgate. What can the complementary roles of LPG and natural gas be? How can the industry embrace the renewable push?
Moderator: Ms Sonja Van Renssen, Editor, Energy Post
• Mr Paul Ladner, Group CEO, UGI East, UGI Corporation
• Ms Ute Collier, Senior Programme Leader – Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency
• Mr Samuele Furfari, Senior Adviser, European Commission
• Mr Henry Cubbon, Managing Director, DCC LPG
• Ms Federica Sabbati, Secretary General, Association of the European Heating Industry
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Smart Incentives for Autogas

The choice for Autogas use is often driven by a cost-benefit analysis over conventional fuels – even if its environmental benefits are also well known. Making the LPG option attractive to drivers mainly depends on the availability of political measures aimed at supporting the fuel. When it comes to incentive policies,  what works and what does not work in order to grow Autogas demand? What are the European Institutions and national governments doing to push for a higher uptake of Autogas?
Moderator: Ms Yvonne Stausboll, Secretary General, UPEI – Europe’s Independent Fuel Suppliers

• Mr Bert Witkamp, Consultant, European Alternative Fuels Observatory
The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO): objectives and observations
• Ms Estibaliz Pombo, Deputy Director Automotive LPG, Repsol
“Initiatives promoting AutoGas in Spain”
• Mr Daniel Leuckx, Policy Executive, Fuels Europe and Concawe
“The EU refining industry within the context of the EU energy & climate policies”
• Mr Simone Casadei, Research Engineer, Innovhub - Stazioni Sperimentali per l’Industria
“In laboratory and on road exhaust emissions testing of Euro 6 b/c LPG passenger cars”

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The Many Faces of LPG

Who can name them all? LPG has many faces, including less common applications and uses which many would not even realize. As an exceptional fuel that provides not only fundamental energy but goes far beyond, LPG can drive pleasure and excitement indoors and outdoors all year round. What are these multiple faces of LPG? How can this versatility change your perception of LPG? Which new applications will you want to try tomorrow?
Moderator: Mr Simon Leysen, Managing Director, Morris & Chapman
• Mr Andrew Ford, Group Public Affairs Manager, SHV Energy
“HGVs – Hybrid Goods Vehicles”

• Mr Patrick Grange, President, Alystech
“LPG: sustainable energy on water for electric hybrid and renewable mobility“
• Mr Richard Hakeem, Technical Manager, UKLPG
“Exceptional Flights”
• Mr Fulvio Ballabio, Race car driver, Monte Carlo Automobile
“LPG on the Fast Track”

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Friday, 1st June 2018




Forecasting Global LPG Markets 

Global LPG supply has been rising strongly over the past years and supply routes to Europe have been diversifying. Autogas and PetChem demand in Europe has been on the rise, and so has general LPG demand in Asia and Africa. Conversely,  segments such as residential LPG in Europe have been struggling. Are these trends expected to continue? How are the markets reacting to shifts in supply? How can companies make the most of the new transport opportunities?
Moderator: Ms Sonja Van Renssen, Editor, Energy Post

• Ms Nerissa Scheik, Market Research & Analyst Manager, SHV Gas Supply & Risk Management
“The Outlook for European LPG: Challenges and Opportunities”
• Mr David Appleton, Senior Analyst, Argus Media
“The Impact of Asian demand growth on Global and European Markets”
• Mr Walt Hart, Vice President Natural Gas Liquids, IHS Markit
“Trends and Issues in the Global LPG Markets”
• Mr Antonio Barani, Group Chief Executive, Ankorgaz
“Physical LPG pricing in Europe”
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Policy and Innovation

The LPG industry has regularly and successfully reinvented itself in the past. By doing so, it has been able to remain a pivotal player in European Energy discussions. Today, new policy challenges are emerging and LPG companies are, once more, reacting and positioning themselves accordingly. Which potential strategies should be followed in the future? What are the areas where companies are now investing? How can the LPG industry diversify in order to strengthen?
Moderator: Ms Claudia Squeglia, Vice President Stakeholder Relations, ENI

• Mr Christian Steger, CEO, SCHARR TEC GmbH & Co. KG
“Bio-Methane Enrichment – A Challenge for LPG”
• Mr Eric Johnson, Managing Director, Atlantic Consulting
“BioLPG: Off to a flying start”
• Mr Rene Sejer Laursen, Promotion Manager, MAN Turbo & Diesel
“LPG fueled merchant ships - now a real possibility”
• Mr Jean-Gabriel Robert, Senior Manager Energy, Cleantech & Sustainability, Ernst and Young
“Opportunities for LPG to power in Non-Interconnected Areas”
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The LPG Industry’s To Do List. From Ideas to Solutions

In the end of each panel we will ask speakers to provide us with one big idea for the LPG industry. Now, it is time to put them to the test! The Conclusions Roundtable will discuss the solutions introduced during the two days of Conference and debate their merits. Don’t miss this original discussion, by a panel composed of industry experts from all horizons, allowing for a dynamic and holistic exchange of views.
Moderator: Ms Cécile Nourigat, Public Affairs Manager - Autogas, AEGPL
• Mr Christos Christofides, General Manager, Veroniki Holding
• Mr Joël Pedessac, General Manager, CFBP
• Ms Emily Wilson-Gavin, Public Affairs Manager, UKLPG
• Mr Anguel Anguelov, Executive Director, V-Gas
• Mr Esteban Pajares, Technical Director, AOGLP


2018 Closing & Introduction of 2019 AEGPL Congress & 32nd World LPG Forum


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